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I tune into Karl's stream and it's playing Pixies...


if man is five... if man is five... if man is five..
then the devil is six, the devil is six .. the devil is six.
And if the devil is six then GOD IS SEVEN.. GOD IS SEVEN! GOD IS SEVEN!

I should go bathe my stinky body...
I'm a lil baffled at how... annoyed some people can get over my fuck ups.
It's strange to me that *I* would register that highly on their list.
My gut reaction to that is to make sure I don't effect them at all anymore.
We'll see.

Watched some Dame Edna's Neighborhood Watch last night. *excellent*, possums. Absolutely wonderful.

Think I'll start saying "quick sticks!" and crafting eye-searing frocks.

or maybe I'll just shut up and take a shower.

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