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goofiness with Meester Miasma

miasma AIM: so what are your superpowers?
VertJustVert: I'm a blonde blue eyed white chick who isn't an idiot.
miasma AIM: do you use your powers for good, or for awesome?
VertJustVert: I tend to use my powers for splendiferous
VertJustVert: but on the weekends I slack off a lil and use them for okey dokey
miasma AIM: =)

VertJustVert: I've actually been watching you for a long time.
VertJustVert: and stuff
VertJustVert: I know where you keep your porn
miasma AIM: really? where do i? cause I seem to have misplaced a good chunk of it and I'm gettin really friggen horny.
VertJustVert: Rhett took it
miasma AIM: damn bastid... always stealin my amish porn.
miasma AIM: those girls show some ankle yo.... wooooooweeee.
VertJustVert: chicks with churns... it's hot stuff, yo
miasma AIM: Any chick who can raise a barn will certainly have no trouble raising other things.
VertJustVert: hehe
VertJustVert: I likes em sweaty and I likes em devout

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