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"Children, your performance was miserable. Your parents will all recieve calls instructing them to love you less now."

Nothing like Zim in the morning to wake you up.
I watched Parent Teacher Night/Walk of Doom and Door to Door waiting for mah wheat salad to chill a lil so I could finish making it.
I'm pretty sure that Parent Teacher Night was the first I ever saw...
I dunno.. you have to be really into the show to appreciate what I'm about to say, but it seems like the writing has gotten so much more comfy in the latest episodes.
They're still bringing the funny like they were before, but they seem to feel more license now to be surreal and goofy within structure of the story. (Witness "I want my slaw, you have your slaw sir" exchange)
I dunno. I'm sure that they're getting odder.. but to me it doesn't seem like it's because they're reaching for plot lines and devices... just that they're getting more comfy with the idea of a cartoon on nickelodeon and it's now gotten enough of a following that they aren't living in total fear of cancellation (this month)...

The kitty Maryann likes to scoop up the squishy food with her paw and eat it off her toes... but only when the other kitties aren't around.
I seen it!

I don't feel like death warmed over today.
I actually slept last night.
And ya know what? We didn't even have any wine. ::nods::
I think that's the first night I've spent here where we didn't have wine.

Confidential to Skokie:
so shoosh, cunt

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