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OKay.. I got this from The Road Crossing's journal.
Holly English Female holly grove (My name means itself... aint that cool?)
Dominic Latin Male Form of DOMINICK - belonging to God
Karl Greek Male Form of CHARLES. man, strong
Simon Hebrew Male he who hears
Erin Irish Female peace
Rhett No matches were found for your search. (very appropriate)
Christiana Form of CHRISTINA Latin Female Form of CHRISTOPHER - Christ-bearer
Cameron Scottish Crooked nose
David (two of them) Hebrew Male beloved
Matt Hebrew Male Form of MATTHEW. gift of god
Joe Hebrew Male form of JOSEPH - God shall add
Dale Scandinavian Valley
Bill German Male Form of WILLIAM - resolute guardian
Jon Hebrew Male form of JONATHAN - God has given
Kaeren Greek Female pure
Keith Scottish Male forest
Sam Hebrew Male to hear
Ken Not available or unknown Male Form of KENNETH. handsome
Travis Latin Male From the road crossing
Michael Hebrew who is like god
Steve ( 3 of them) Greek Male Form of STEVEN. crown
Brad English Male Broad
Alicia Greek Female Honest
Heather English Female heather (check that out, you mean yourself too... doesn't it rock being named after a SHRUB? ::insert grumbling here::)
Maria Hebrew Female form of MARY -- bitter
Alexandra Greek Female Form of ALEXANDER - helper and defender of mankind
Alex Greek Male helper and defender of mankind
Mark Latin Male warlike
Bryan Celtic Male Form of BRIAN - strong
Sheryl Form of CHERYLl German Female Beloved
Josh Hebrew Male Form of JOSHUA. lord is salvation

I realized I dont know a LOT of your names.
Or at least.. I can't remember them today.
If your name isn't here freakin mail me or something and tell me what the hell your name is.


May. 21st, 2002 11:26 am (UTC)
Re: you need a job
I need a Karl to mysteriously get the next 3 weeks off work

In the industry, we call that "fired". Not good. At least not until I get back from Japan. The only way to see Tokyo is on someone else's dime, baby.

Whatcha lookin' for, musically speaking? I can point it out. You're not DJing the stream today are you? It's been kicking ass... there was a whole block there for like 90 minutes that was just blowing me away. Thought you might've gotten creative with the playlist.

(strong and manly)
May. 21st, 2002 07:57 pm (UTC)
Re: you need a job
You must work in a different industry. I usually call it "Dot-com fell to pieces underneath me." What do you do, anyway?


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