A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

apparently I'm just underexposed

To music.

I'm overexposed in most other ways.
Listening to Karl's stream (Hi Fi (cable/DSL), Low Fi (at least 28.8kbps)) (which just skipped from Ultra to My Bloody Valentine to Liz Phair to Fiona Apple... never fails to amaze me ya know. Because, except for the Ultra, that's all super mellow and low and moody. The randomizer thinks.) and an Ultra track came on.
Aptly titled "Bizarre"
Ultra is Kool Keith and Tim Dog aaand all of their personas or none ..oh shoosh.. just read some stuff about it.
And then go read this weird little article about fake albums and fake group members.Weird damned stuff man.

Akadashi: heh - more Kool Keith (Ultra)... he's fucking bizarre
VertJustVert: "I love to make love to little babboons... that is one of my favorite fetishes...." WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?
Akadashi: heheh... told ya

I was amazed.
Go find some. It'll be good for ya.

and on a totally unrelated note.

DangerousPi: I was just lying to get attention.
VertJustVert: BASTARD!
DangerousPi: I learned it from watching you!
DangerousPi: ::::runs and cries::::
VertJustVert: hahaha
VertJustVert: when PSAs strike!
DangerousPi: Thank Bob for them..... otherwise I might have ended up an illiterate homeless unwed parent with no friends and substance abuse problems.
DangerousPi: :::nod::::

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