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Sheep on Drugs playing with the Winamp plug-in Milkdrop randomly pulling up a visualization scheme called "three kinds of amphetamines". Perfect.

So yesterday I spent some time out of the house, got some drugas for the sickness and maybe an hour after I'd taken the stuff I realized I felt a lot better. The betterness persisted all night. One of the reasons I went ahead and got up at 7 when Karl's alarm went off was becuase, even though I'm still sleeping very oddly (very in and out of sleep, deep dreams but still very awake, lots of tossing and turning) I slept well enough even with the oddness and the "waking up every 10 minutes for this or that reason" thing that I feel pretty rested.
At the moment anyway.
That can be decieving.

I was also getting a lot of pain again in the throat so I'm up, waiting on coffee, took some more drugas.
Hopefully I can coax it away again.

I've been feeling kind of stuffed up, like I've got a sinus issue. But then I can't blow my nose at all. It either strains on my throat and hurts a hell of a lot or just.. nothing comes out. This morning I got stuff to come out. From Some nasal passage I didn't even know I HAD, it felt sooooo fucking weird. And it looked like the banana mass just before it gets mixed into the banana bread mix... with all those weird lil brown hair things in it and the deep yellow/brown color.
And I've only had ONE cigarette this whole month.. and that was several weeks ago.
Jeeeze this stuff was weird and nasty.

But I felt better afterward.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with myself today. I think the house could do with some general cleaning up if at some point this week there are going to be people other than me here. I'd love to be able to say I put all the CDs on the wall in order... but I don't think that's a job for one person or two people who are not of superhuman strength and will. I've been there with my own stuff, Karl just has a hell of a lot more.

I need to remember to just drink water CONSTANTLY.

Oh, and anyone who's coming out here will just have to deal with the fact that I'm going to snap pictures constantly. I don't expect you to like it, but just as Karl has learned to roll his eyes, sigh, and sit obediently still until I've finished, so shall you all.
Yes, so shall you all.

Because if you don't... I'll pout.

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