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Just some clarification

Someone said to me the other day that it seems like I sure did get over the whole Chad thing really quickly. Which suprised me, until I realized ther person didn't really know me very well at all.
I'm still dealing with the parts that I need to deal with. I don't put it here becuase I'm not fond of friends only entries, I'm pretty sure he still reads this journal, despite his swearing he would not, and ya know.. he just doesn't get that.
I mean .. that's not his to see anymore. He doesn't get to see the pain that's personal. It's none of HIS business what I'm going through in regard to HIM... so I don't put it here.
I didn't feel comfortable talking about me and him here while he was an active part of my life (unless it was praise, all praise), why the hell would I talk about him now that he's definitely *not* a part of my life aside from all the things I keep finding in my house that have some vague association to him (and just what the fuck do I do now with a lil snowman with him name on it or 30 antennae balls?) .

I dunno.. it doesn't seem strange to me and I certainly didn't run out and hop into another bed. If that's why a few of you have brought this up a couple times, then just stop.
I'm not fucking anyone.

sure, I suck some COCK..
but I'm not fucking anyone.
And even if I were... it's not important, it's got nothing to do with the rest of this.
My emotional life is an entirely seperate thing from my sex life.

so yeah ..
If it's because you talk to him, tell him to quit worrying about it, that his best revenge on me is to just be happy, sucessful and fulfilled.
If it's becuase you're concerned about me... chill out. I'm fine. I will deal.

And if I want to talk about it.. I will.. I just don't right now.

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