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Stuff that gets said to me in AIM

cyberalicia:. holly, my feet are purple

DangerousPi: Ertvay!
VertJustVert: no
DangerousPi: eelingfay etterbay?
DangerousPi: orway ouldshay Iway otnay eakspay inway igpay atinlay?
DangerousPi: Iway ouldcay, ouyay owknay.
VertJustVert: how the fuck do you do that so fluently, ya freak?
DangerousPi: Iway inkthay ouughthray itway.
DangerousPi: .oot ,tsaf ytterp sdrawkcab epyt osla nac I
VertJustVert: DUDE
VertJustVert: fuckinweirdo
DangerousPi: ?uoy ot new si sihT
VertJustVert: No... I remember you doing this before.. but I don't remember it being this... zippy.
VertJustVert: took you awhile before.
DangerousPi: decitcarp I

And I have "these are the Daves I know" stuck in my head.

"they all have the same name, but they come from different moms...."

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