A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Just had probably one of the strangest nights of my life.
Yes, even stranger than most of my acid nights.
Alicia, Scott. Dave, Chuck, me and Karl.
... I can't even get into it... I just can't sleep yet, although I really should be. I'm in that odd thing that only I seem to get..
That awake .. very very awake after being very very drunk.

Karl is sleeping. I can hear him.
Alicia just went off to bed after sharing another of Karl's purloined swisher sweets.
I had absinthe for the first time in my life and I rather enjoyed it along with my portions of two bottles of wine and a glass of vodka...

I was very very drunk for awhile.

Chuck was gorgeous, as ever.. even more so now I think... now that he's cut most of his hair off, shaved the weird thing off his chin and lost even more weight.
He's thin and boney and Ihave to admit.. there's still a part of me that wants to do that... laying on the bed hugging for an hour thing..
But just a part.
Because he's just so .. sweet... in his weird fucked up.. such a 16 year old way.

I dunno.

Alicia rocks so so so so so much.
I'm glad I'll get to hang out with her and scott more during the week.

Dave is very cool.. shocker, right?
Him and his wacky movies and goofy ass lil jokes.

Karl was the sweet lil bubble of joy that he *usually* is and I hope he doesn't kill me for telling chuck he was welcome to go do the checking out at his hotel and then come back tomorrow .. I'm pretty sure we'll all still be around... I dunno what I think will happen tomorrow.. alicia mentioned a fair..
I wonder if Karl will be up for that.

I guess I *should* sleep... I dunno...

I guess I will.

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