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I should really find food

I'm feeling like I haven't eaten in FOREVER ... and it's not in the good super hungry way, but more in the "I'm going to vomit soon" way.
I dunno *why*.. but that's how I feel.

Saturday :

Karl and I get up and putz and putz and putz and think about all the stuff we have to do.... and putz...
Get out of the house and hit up the Vienna Inn where I experience the building with no right angles and the sickest, most incredibly dangerous chili dogs on earth.
Then we buy a lot of booze, a lot of food, and head back to the house where there are already people awaiting our return.
As we're putting away groceries Alicia, Scott, and Dave enter Casa de Karl. I'd gotten a call while at the grocery store from Chuck letting me know he was... well.. in town and bored.
So, he was invited along.
This is a massive recap of the evening.. but it basically went like this...
Prepare food and drink. Drink while the food is cooking. Watch some goofy things and drink. Drink after the food. Drink instead of food. Drink some more. "Oh shit.. is that the sun?"

Fun stuff.

Scott demolished a bottle of Bacardi Limon all on his lonesome...
Dave drank.. almost nothing.. but I think he smelled the scotch and enjoyed it...
Chuck brought his own Guinness and partook of the Arrogant Bastard Ale.. he didn't start singing anything so I dunno if he was drunk or not.
Alicia had a lil here and there of several things and then dove into the Absinthe with Karl.
Karl split up some wine with me, we both had some vodka, and then onto the absinthe.

Absinthe= incredibly interesting good stuff. ::nods::

Karl ended up not feeling too well so I got him into bed and then wandered around and put the stuff that was going to stink if left out into the fridge and then ended up posting something for some inexplicable reason and attempted to sleep.
That didn't work too well.


I went to sleep between 6 and 6:30, woke up around 10:30.
I woke up Chuck so that he'd go check out, wandered around and cleaned up, started the dishes going, and had every intention of going back to bed, but Chuck was taking awhile to get back (part of the reason I was putzing was so I could let him back in) and in the meantime Dave woke up and sat down in the living room with the tv.
I was fine just to sit there, but figured entertainment was in order so I started playing Invader Zim episodes.
Chuck came back and I just kept playing them.
Alicia and Scott emereged and I kept playing them and thought I'd go take a shower... but karl was in th shower.
Heh.. so when he got out I switched over the remote duties to him, bathed, came back out and there was a big ol Zim fest until we decided around 4 or so that food was probably a good idea.
We headed into Shirlington and went to the Thai place where everyone seemed to enjoy their meal and then headed back to the house for more Zim.
Chuck, the silly bastard who drove up from Texas just a few days before the summer session at school started really needed to get back on the road so we had a decently long goodbye to him and then... watched more Zim.

We ended up watching Dusk til Dawn after some weirdness about the choices of movie.
The sound of the bats as they filtered through Karl's incredible gaddamned sound system was wunderbar.

Alicia and Scott and Dave departed for the evening.
Karl and I slept the sleep of the pooped.
Very pooped.


Woke up and got an-out-of-his-way ride from an already late Karl so I could head into the city.
Grabbed the metro and got into Dupont circle where I quickly found out that I was putting out a strong freak attractant vibe.
The guy in just the boxers, the hook guy.
Yes. the hook guy.
A guy with a hook followed me around.
I dunno if we've got different senses of time or if my walking around looking over my shoulder experiences made the day seem longer, but I was kind of annoyed when Dave took a really long time to show up.
But that was okay.
So we went to hit the ATM (which I'd already done) and Dave found out that he had the wrong ATM card.
So he had no money.
So... looked like I was paying for Dave the rest of the day.
Which was interesting considering I'd already taken out the money I thought I could spend AT ALL for the rest of the stay up here.
We went to Kramerbooks, I got the paperback I can't find in va beach and a kids book for Karl.
It was cute.. shoosh...
We headed out, coordinated with Alicia, had lunch at california pizza kitchen (yes, we went to a generic pizza joint. Hush), and then went to the metro station to met up with Alicia, Scott and their friend David (later renamed Bugeeky) and took the train another couple stops to the national botanical gardens only to find that it closed in an hour. But that was okay because it wasn't very extensive and we saw all of it in that time.

There was a lot of trying to figure out where to meet up with Mark who was riding down on his motorcycle and then a walk around the capitol building on the way to Union Station.
Me, Alicia and Bugeeky went into the lovely and much needed air conditioning while Scott and Dave waited outside to flag down Mark.
We all finally ended up in the same place, except Karl who was at work, but who was on the cell phone here and there coordinating where we would meet for dinner.

Mark took the motorcycle to Dave's hotel, we took Mark's bags on the metro to Dupont and then the short walk to the hotel.
The hotel was incredible. Sort of ... the Shining meets Swingers and it was the sort of place where I would feel cool just for staying there.
The Rouge.
It lived up to its name.
Red red everywhere.

There was a quick change for Mark and then another walk into Dupont to Boca de Beppi, this incredibly wonderful italian restaurant where Karl was already waiting.
At this point I was very very very happy to see Karl.
We ate a lot of food, I drank a lot of wine and everyone generally just was goofy and loud and talkative.

We parted ways at the corner, Karl and I came back here and we slept the sleep of the pooped yet again.

Oh, and I was really really sunburnt.


Did aol testing stuff with Karl in the morning.
Alicia, Scott and Mark met us at the house and we headed to Carlos O'Kelly's for some quick, easy, cheap, good mexican food.
Then we headed back here and did some drinking, watched some Zim, ate the desserts we'd picked up Saturday (yes they were still good) and putzed around until about 3 in the morning. There was much much silly talking stuffs.


Thus far the day has been one of like... Mass exodus.
Karl left for work, Scott left for upstate new york to visit family, Alicia went with him to be dropped off in Maryland on his way and after a shower in the wonderful shower room place and some coffee Mark set out for home as well.

Now it's just me and the Cats.

I even did the dishes already.
But I haven't showered yet.
Stinky Holly.

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