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I didn't MEAN to just poof out of existence... but I can't log back into the chatty things.
Should have gotten me to sign my name in blood when you had the chance, Satanic creatures! bwahahaha!

I'm punchy tired.
I'm going to post this lil unedited-stream-of-consciousness-really-goofy-don't-judge-too-harshly-thing

Huddled over the dryer
reading by the 15watt bulb
thoughtfully included in the building plans of this ancient
and dying
piece of machinery.
Put there for those who do laundry in the dark.
Put there for me.

The orgasming on the spin cycle story taunts me.
Happy Homemaker delusion
Horny Housewife romance novel wish fulfillment

Fabio Maytag with a waxed chest.
Sigfreid and Roy donkey show
Ping pong popping mythologies
for the Good Housekeeping set.

Swat trucks of Soccer Moms
in the Martha Stewart revolution
swarming the suburbia.
This is martial law, babe.
This is mandatory homogeny
mary mary quite contrary
self contained microcosm of earth-friendly
bio-degradable, 100% home-made
from-scratch, post-consumer green green
hyphen-isms bearing garden clogged good will.

Family rooms, schools, and hospitals.
pastels are soothing.
sinking creeping color death
For the lull...
to calm the troops.
to ease your mind.
to let you forget.

And then I'm going to go to sleep.

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