A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I got to talk to the Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl last night. He was being a very very silly lil freak and so much hilarity ensued.
I think at one point I might have actually *heard* my squeedly spooch pop.
Yes, there was *that* much laughing.

It was difficult to get out of bed this morning. So I didn't. I slept until my mom poked me around 11:45 or so.
I came downstairs and tried to make coffee. My mom has made the kitchen a disaster again. But that won't stop her from following *me* around tidying up after me.
I want to point the the crap that's spilled on the floor and the over flowing counters... the dining room table that's piled high with things that just never made it to their proper homes... I want to just point at these things and say "start there."

But I don't.
Because she's my mom and I love her.

Hehe.. I'd forgotten it was father's day until mrmiasma asked if I was doing anything special for the day.
I got him a card.
It's a sarcastic card. That's all he gets, really.
He isn't even here at the moment. He went over to a friend's house to help them with something. He'll probably be gone all day.
Oh. how. horrible. heh.

My mom I think wants me to go with her and Wendy out to have lunch.
I don't even get hungry until way later in the day, I just woke up, and knowing recent trends we'd probably end up at a steak house or something.
Heh.. since I've been back from Karl's there have been beef oriented main courses every day. I don't tend to eat a lot in the first place... so subsisting on the side dishes isn't really a problem. Until she makes side dishes that I hate too. Hmm..
I would love to just take over the cooking, but she can't relinquish control in her own kitchen, and I can't flat out ask for vegitarian cuisine.

Besides... I wanted to set my scanner back up and do some photo posting.

I want SOMEONE who has a good picture of Chuck to send it to me, please?
I was trying to describe his hair to my sister and it just wasn't working.
The only photos of people that *I* took that actually came out were one of Scott and Bugeeky in the botanical gardens and one of Alicia in the same place. Guh.

I'd had my aperture set at something very strange and competely forgotten that I ACTUALLY HAVE A FLASH

I can't type anymore.... I'm giving up.

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