A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Skip it, skip it, skip it... it's bad analogy time.

again .. I stress.. I am not in a BAD MOOD...
I'm just still trying to explain this...dissasociated thing. This dissatisfied thing...
This... guh.
here... from last night...

VertJustVert: have you ever just felt *needy* ?
VertJustVert: I'm in a very strange mood. Big huge thoughts are rumbling around in my brain and .. in their need to be out of there are crushing the articulation centers.
VertJustVert: I barely even attempted becuase I felt stupid for asking
VertJustVert: everyone feels needy in some way .. most of them feel like that *most* of the time.
VertJustVert: I still have that feeling like I'm just.. moving to a different tempo today.
miasma AIM: yeah.. offbeat with the rest of the crowd?
VertJustVert: world
VertJustVert: not crowd
VertJustVert: world
miasma AIM: obeying different laws of incompatible physics?
VertJustVert: I feel like I've got a microphone in my face and I'm broadcasting and I'm loud and clear and round voiced and I'm saying all the right things with all the right inflections... but it's AM radio and I'm broadcasting from Guam... so no one is really getting it

on the other hand, Paprika.

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