A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I baked again..
But it's for my mom, so that doesn't really count. That just makes me a *good* *kid*.
Dan called and thanked me for my participation in the Great Sunrise Watch and apologized for being a snarky lil shithead the other morning when I really didn't need it.
I'm still just so glad I made Karl smiley today. It's so good when a plan comes together.
I replanted the grape tomato plant because it was going INSANE with flowers and tomatoes and was still actually in the lil plastic container you buy them in at the nursery. *oops*
Now it is happy and snug in a big big pot.
Hopefully in about 2 weeks I'll be overloaded in tiny grape tomatoes.

Now to repot everything else.
Basil needs to be pinched back. Tarragon needs to be repotted. the geraniums need a home, the petunias could use some attention for the withered blooms...
All sorts of stuff needs to happen out on the patio. Today it was just too gaddamned humid... I think tomorrow I'll post some of the pics.
Right now, I'm exploiting Karl's wonderful jam packed FTP for all its musical sweetness. I finally got a decent connection and tonight ALL THE DEPTH CHARGE WILL BE MINE.
aaaaaaaaaaaaand maybe all the Download too ... depends on how long I'm up.
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