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I've gotten very blunt lately. It's nothing I'm going to apologize for. If it's something you can't deal with... tell me. If it's something you don't think you can handle telling me, then bugger off.
I'm not interested anymore in going out of my way to be kind or understanding toward people who can't see far enough past the end of their own nose to realize that the rest of the world isn't here to serve them, be there for them, give in to their whims, or play nice in the face of their horrible behavior.
I've done that for years and years and years.
This little resolve I've got here may not last long. I know I've promised myself that I'd stop putting even the needs of people I don't like before mine over and over again. I know that it's probably my most broken promise. So I won't even pretend that this will last very long.
But for right now, I'm probably going to continue to be very blunt when I'm annoyed. I'm not going to sugar coat. It might be very very rude sounding. You may think I'm just being mean. You might think I'm going out of my way to be rude.
So be it.
At the moment, I don't care.

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