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I really don't want to go to the dentist. I've got a tiny cavity in one of my molars. It's not big enough to show up on an x-ray, but it's just decayed enough to grab at the little sharp pointy thing they try to jam into your teeth when you go in for a cleaning.
It shouldn't take long, shouldn't be invasive (nor should it be invasive) , but I really really hate this whole thing.
I, like most people, have one little horror story from the dentist when I was a kid.
Apparently he put my hysterical crying and flailing down to me being just scared of the drill.

I just really hate this crap and I'm really tense. I should have just skipped the wake-up coffee and stayed groggy. Not that I'm exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed (hurhurhur.. I said "bushy") but still.


Jun. 25th, 2002 10:09 pm (UTC)
Mmmmmmmm, every since I watched Exposure (Scifi Channels short film program)... nothing disturbed me as much as a particular short film .. i think it was called The Dentist. This dude walks into a busy dentist office. Doesn't look like he'll get an appointment but while trying to sneak in this dude tells him he'll be right with him. The patient sits down in the chair, and from then on our you see everything looking out from the patients mouth. The doctor is this somewhat older fellow, slight strain in his voice, something about it that hurts when he speaks. He begins by exploring the guys mouth. Realizing that he has some impacted teeth or something that need to come out. Shoots him up with some novocaine. Some laughing gas. The camera vision slowly gets more and more blurry as the dentist keeps returning into frame with more elaborate tools. Then they get quite torturous looking. The patient keeps dozing in and out (the camera lens blurs and goes to black and then back again). At this point there's banging on the door, its locked, the people from the actual office are trying to break in. The doctor starts collecting his things, explains he'll be leaving through the window now, that they never understood what he was trying to do, they never understood his work, that they had to kick him out of the school for dentisty because of the experiments he performed. At this point, the doctor leaves, the people bust down the door. I think a nurse faints and another one vomits when they see the dude. He grabs the mirror and you see the reflection. The dude has this huge vicious contraption on his face full of needles and clamps, have his teeth are missing and the other half are contructed in this awfully disgusting fashion, his jaw is practically twisted and he looks hideous. Freaked the fuck outta me.


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