A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Adventures in MTV

I took a bath to attempt to warm up because the AC is still set at something approaching frostbite warning temperature.
Then I went into my room, got into bed and flipped on the tv to zone a little before I tried sleeping.
I flipped around, watched a little Jimminy Glick (which gets so annoying after about 5 minutes that I *have* to switch it) and did some more flipping around and ended up on MTV.
There was this very red and white clothed mob on a red and white stage with a guy in red with black, frizzy, lopped off, reminiscent of Robert Smith hair playing the guitar and a chick in red with long, black, very 60s hair playing the drums.
I sat there waiting to see the thing pop up at the end just to see what the hot holy hell this thing was.
There was more music to be played and I was struck by 1) how much I didn't like it, 2) how much of an homage to 60's rock it was, and 3) just how god awfully sheepish all these cute teens on stage looked, moving along to the music in their lil pogoing, hair flipping way.
Then the artist info pops up and it's the White Stripes, who I've heard waaaaaaaaaay too much about, but had never heard or seen.
MAN am I unimpressed.
Again, I'm led to believe that people tend to dig things just because it's overplayed or falls into a genre that they think they should like.

Then these two guys are sitting in the studio. This is apparently part of a show called "All things Rock".
So I listen for a minute as they introduce the next group, who these two heavily tattooed and pierced 16 year olds say they're on the warped tour with. It's something called New Found Glory. So I listen for a minute.
Why do these bands bother coming up with new names?
Why don't they just refer to themselves as a number branch off of their attempted genre?
These guys would be PopPunk345... hmm.. maybe that's what Blink182 and Sum41 are going for....

I think the only interesting or new thing about New Found Glory is that they have a chubby bass player with green hair who's in the video without a shirt on. Manboobs and gut bouncing to pre-processed rhythm "punk" #12.

I got back online out of curiosity about who else is going to be a mainstage act at warped tour this year...
28 Days, Alkaline Trio, All, Andrew W.K. (isn't this the "party hard" moron?) , ANti Flag, Area 7, Bad Religion (and they have begun to suck something fierce since Mr. Brett split on them) , Bodyjar, The Casualties, Flogging Molly, For Amusement Only, Gob, Goldfinger, Good Charlotte, Guttermouth, Lagwagon, Manic Hispanic, Midtown, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Morgan Heritage, MxPx, No Use For A Name (truth in band naming?) , NoFX, One Dollar Short, Ozma (Rhett should find that frightening), Pennywise, Pistol Grip, Reel Big Fish, Riddlin Kids, Thursday, Toe to Toe, Total Chaos, The Vandals, Will Haven, and Yellowcard.
The rest of the lists are here.

Now, I don't know most of those bands. The ones I know that are mainstage acts are... well .. they're things that if I found a cd in a second hand shop and it was under 5 bucks, I might consider buying it... but probably wouldn't.
Or I'd pick it up and think about the time, way back when, when I thought they were sort of neat.
There are a few that I *do* know that are on other stages or their placement isn't known yet.

I dunno why this is all ... weird to me. It just is. Festival tours... I guess there's a rule somewhere that they all have to simply SUCK after the first year.
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