A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Things that Make me rather Angry

Again with the "abuse survivor" communities.

Again with the "they're on the sex offender registry... they're going to attack me in my sleep! I just know it! They're going to bust down my door and do unspeakable things to me becaue they'll be able to SMELL ON ME that I was once abused/raped/assaulted/looked at funny by a man!"
And the idiotic replies.
"Just cut his nutz off..."
Sure... just maim a stranger. Go for it. They are on the sex offender registry, so I'm SURE they deserve it. And you deserve to be applauded for your inane, twitching fears. Why? Because you're a SURVIVOR!

I talked about this before and I was a lot calmer about it.
Today I'm a little crankier... so ... well ... this is just crankier.

Women who do this are USING the events in their life for pity.
And there is nothing more worthy of disdain than someone who would trvialize something like that for their own emotional manipulations. It makes me angry.

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