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Rhett just sent me this link about the Pledge of Allegience being deemed unconstitutional because of the words "under God".

This should make a whole gaggle of athiests happy.
I refused to say the pledge when I was supposed to say it everyday. That was for personal, politically oriented, emotionally charged reasons having to do with America and my country and so forth. It never even occured to me , an athiest at that point in my life, to be pissed off because of the phrase "under God"

I see their point, sure.
"I'm an American citizen. I don't like my rights infringed upon by my government," he said in an interview. Newdow called the pledge a "religious idea that certain people don't agree with."

The government had argued that the religious content of "one nation under God" is minimal.

But the appeals court said that an atheist or a holder of certain non-Judeo-Christian beliefs could see it as an attempt to "enforce a `religious orthodoxy' of monotheism."

But I also think it makes this man a whiner.
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