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Apparently I was in just the right mood without knowing it.
Becuase this VOD album is just *so* gorgeous to my ears right now.

I haven't listened to this in *literally* 3 or 4 years.
The things that you loved that you forget about, hmm?

I also forgot just how ... "sreechy metal band" Nevermore was.
I mean ... I can't get over the idea that this is what Jack Black is mocking when Tenacious D puts out an EPIC ROCK SONG. That this is exactly it. Like.... this band. this song maybe.
One of the singers actually sings like the "let em goooooooo!" portion of Bohemian Rhapsody. But he sings like that the *whole* song.

Also, it seems that I'm stinky today and therefore impossible to speak to. So great is my funk that it's permeated the noses of all who would dare adress me. Therefore, I don't blame those who flee from me. I understand.
I'm a stinky stinky thing.

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