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I'd be a hell of a lot more contented person if I'd just pay more attention to my menstrual cycle.
No, really.
I've been feeling like total hell the last two days especially. Weepy for no reason, emotional beyond a level that I could deem "okay" or "normal". I've been just... moody and cranky and have taken special joy in ripping into one particularly inane, whiney, self absorbed MORON in the debate forum (but then all of a sudden felt really bad for it).

Yes, moody and cranky above and beyond what is normal.
I've been horny as hell, needy as hell, crying all the time... So I took a good look at the calendar a bit ago and today is day 28.

Don't most girls get used to this whole "it's going to happen every month" thing oh ... the first *year* of their period?
And I was thinking about that yesterday too... I'm not sure that I remember how old I was when I first got mine. I was in junior high, I think.
But I'm not really sure when. I'd already dealt with it for awhile by the time I hit high school so ... I dunno.
No really clear memories of that time period.... is it really a big milestone for other people? I don't even think a big deal was made of it by my mom or sister. Just a sort of sympathetic nod and a little bit of pain management advice... which as it turned out was very much needed.

I'm always relieved when I start feeling insane and broken and realize .. that I am ... but that I'm supposed to be.

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