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People like this annoy me:
(the following is an excerpt from their site)

Generally, my exchanges with Christians go as follows:

"Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour?"

"No, I'm an agnostic. First prove to me there is a god, and then I'll worry about the minor details between religions."

"But if you accept Jesus Christ into your heart, you'll know God exists."

"But surely your God is the more important element. Where's your proof of god?"

"It comes from accepting Jesus Christ..."

and so it goes; talking past each other until they go away when I offer them a UCTAA pamphlet..

As they won't play my game of truly addressing proofs of the existence of a supreme being, I will, in this meditation, play their game. I'll ask them to prove that Jesus Christ actually existed.(2) What is the proof, outside of biblical texts, that this person ever lived? I will offer a Doctorate of Divinity degree from the International University of Nescience to anyone who can provide that proof.

So, He doesn't get anywhere with a combative nature toward someone's beliefs.
Shocker, hmm?
I don't understand why issues of spirituality create such... assholes... on all sides of the issue.

I have my problems with conversion oriented versions of any religion. I know that it's usually part of their belief structure. And I'd rather have a jehovah's witness show up at my door and hand me a watchtower and have a calm, polite conversation with me than have some sign wiggling, screaming, halleluiahing freak accost me in a parking lot, at a street corner, or in a store and scream at me that I'm going to burn in hell if I don't accept jesus christ as my personal savior.
I've had *both* those experiences.

To my mind there's a difference between a missionary style of faith and a conversion oriented style of faith and I think Jehovah's witness falls into the first category. I've been in and amoung families that adhered to both sides of that.. The JW family never told their daughter not to hang out with me. They never game *me* hell for not being christian. In fact, ya know.. I don't think they even asked. But I've had "born again" families refuse to allow me in their home becuase I was a heathen.
Those are just my expereiences and I know that it's not universal... but I think that the sort of rabid belief that's required to be "born again" runs exactly counter to the actual FAITH that's required to be an *honest* adherent to a spiritual path.

I dismiss bible thumpers.
Enmass. I don't care what denomination you are. If you're quoting scripture at me in response to real world questions, you don't understand your own religion.
This, of course, only applies to christianity.

Heh... I guess I'm just as bad as the "athiests" who really only argue about christianity. Therefore, making themselves "anti-christian" not "athiests"

anyway ... The bible is a... a reference book maybe... but it's not the holder of all knowledge. Some portions of it are a basis for faith, but they're a BASIS. not the faith. There is an enormous difference.

Ramble ramble ramble

I don't understand why people feel the need to deconstruct and PROVE a FAITH BASED system of thought.
Doesn't seem to me that Proof applies much at all.

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