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I spent about half an hour in the kitchen this morning, waiting for the coffee to brew, trying to wake up after too little sleep, too much pain, far too much dreaming, and not enough actual *rest* showing my mom and my sister how I can move my pinky toe independently of the rest of the my toes.
Try it.
You don't actually have a feeling like you've got any muscular control over it... it seems more like you're willing it to move with the power of your mind and it is powerless in the face of your awesome control.
We discussed wether or not one of my toes was broken (we decided that it wasn't because it never bruised up really badly and I can still move it), the comparitive length of toes and whos feet our feet looked more like, our mom's or dad's.

And then we reiterated that neither of us were actually my father's children.
Wendy was adopted, I'm the mailman's daughter.

So then I decide to clean out the spam I've been trying to eradicate from my free webmail adress (no, not the one that Karl so wonderfully graciously offered and gave totally free along with FTP access and a webspace just becuase he's a wonderful darling fantabulous person) and kept encountering crap like this at the unsubscribe sites:

"Your unsubscribe request for email address 'flapdoodle@insanity.net' has been successfully received.
Please allow 5-6 days for your email to be completely removed from the system."

"Your request has been received. Please note that it may take 2-3 busines days to process."

I have to allow them time to get my nefariously gathered email address off their mailing lists?
Why? This makes *no* sense to me.
It's not as if there's an actual person handling this and taking my email off each list one by one. Or are there just *that* damned many lists with my email added to them?

My sister has sullied my home with Sponge Bob Square pants stickers ('but he's soooo cute!' guh .. I've decided she's *right*.. we aren't related...) and asked me at least 4 different times this morning if she could borrow this or that book from me, conveniently forgetting the 30 or so books she's already borrowed and never returned.

So. Drinking coffee, exploiting Karl's FTP, waiting for Dan's recently broken up bootay to come over here so I can goof off in his presence and make him feel better about having to break it off with a militant feminist, left wing, vegan, Green Party, Nader adoring, Chomsky cannonizing, non shaving chick. ::Nod::
I could just rent Dusk Til Dawn and point out that she NEVER would have watched it with him.

So, in the wee hours of this morning (5 ish) when I was finally getting to sleep (after watching all the episodes of Trading Spaces (I don't get BBC america so I *can't* watch Changing Rooms, else I would so hush it up) that I'd taped earlier in the night) I turned on the radio for a lil background noise. The TV makes me pay too much attention (and puts out too much light) so the radio on FM99 (the "rock" station around here) is perfect. I don't really pay too much attetnion because I really really really don't like the majority of the mall metal crap they play. Or it's the same 5 led zeppelin songs, 2 jimi hendrix, and the occasional Who song. Bleh.
I hear the DJ say "and now, please join us in the reciting of our pledge of allegience..." and then plays a recording of the djs at the station all reciting the pledge.
Now, okay .... all of the local television stations have had the most BIASED reporting about the whole thing. Only talking to people who were outraged and insulted by the decision. Sounding outraged *themselves* when talking about it. The local papers have only printed columns talking about how "insulting" it is that they would say "under god" was unconstitutional...
Fine.. only report one side of the story, I'm used to that.
But for the gaddamned radio station to weigh in on it totally uneccesarily and start running a spot of all their DJs saying the pledge is just such bullshit. SUCH bullshit.
There are a lot of people in this country who are *GLAD* that the pledge was deemed unconstitutional. I myself was rather glad about it, not for the religious angle, but because I don't think that we should have statements of nationalistic pride and adherence being recited in "places of learning" in our "free" country. I didn't say the pledge when I was in school. I never have. ::shrug::
Why recite something I never felt, cared about, believed in? So I didn't.
It would have just been a lie for me to recite all that.

Basically, I don't understand why this is such an affront.
I understand why all the rabid post 9/11 patriots (who never gave a shit about showing pride in their country before a group of someones tried to blow a big hole in it and those someones weren't *white* ) are pissed. It goes along with the rest of their act. But seeing otherwise level headed people flip out becuase once circuit of supreme court judges decided that telling kids they had to say "under god" in a public school was unconstitutional.
First of all.. the supreme court is conservative as hell and will overturn it.
Second... depending on how you interpret the seperation clause, it IS unconstitutional (though I don't agree with their interpretation)
Third... the original pledge did NOT contain the phrase "under god". Eisenhower added that in the hopes that one day all american children would praise the almighty (that's almost a quote).
Forth... get over it.
Fifth... shut up already.
Sixth... you aren't noble, you aren't 'patriotic', and you aren't standing up for the ideals of your country when you bash the people who support this decision. You're just one more person who doesn't understand that the GOOD thing (quickly becoming the *only* good thing) about america is how *maleable* and changeable it is. The constitution is NOT carved in stone for a reason.
Seventh... get the FUCK OVER IT
Eigth... Matthew 6:1 through 6:8 pretty much sums up how I feel about LOUD christians. (but the whole Chapter is really really something I think more people should read to disabuse themselves of a lot of their misconceptions about the faith... but that's just me) and I like Matthew 6:21 21 "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

I'm going to continue the methodical DRAINING of Karl's FTP.

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