A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I've decided that I will learn how to bake bread. Not quickbreads... those are easy. Except I tend to overmix the muffins and they end up kinda chewy. I mean actual "dissolve the yeast" and "allow to rise for 1 hour" sort of bread.
This is all *totally* new for me. I've never made anything with that sort of dough.
So I'm hoping I don't really really suck at it (some people have talents for baking that lie in *specific* areas... my sister can make good chocolate chip cookies but *nothing* else.... ).

Alicia pointed out the other day the magnitism of Jack Black. I was thinking about famousy people that I find alluring and here's my first draft of a list, in no particular order:
Jonathan Slavin (from Andy Richter Controls The Universe)
Drew Carey (when he was still wearing the black rimmed glasses)
The guy who plays "Ed" on ED.
Ryan Stiles
Greg Proops.
Dennis Leary
Gary Oldman
Kenneth Branaugh
Ice Cube
Trey Parker
Goofy Carpenter guy "Ty" from Trading Spaces.

uhm... I know there are more.... herm...

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