A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

My muscles hurteded. I need like... deep tissue massage. Most people don't like doing that, though. It's uh .. it's pretty rough and I know that when I do it to people they end up with dark red marks all over their backs.
But it's *worth* it, dammit.

Went to bed really late.
Got up early-ish.
Had a talk with my mom about that whole... so depressed I can't move thing I've been feeling. I want to clean out and defrost the chest freezer today. What I really want is to get the rest of the things together for SOMEONE'S birthday gifts... but it's disgustingly hot and I'm just not leaving the house if I don't need to. I had this weird epiphany this morning where I figured out that one of the little plastic pieces on my camera strap is a viewfinder cover for remote shots where your head isn't covering it to prevent light leakage.
People make my head hurt.

I think I should get more into telepathy.
I've enough capacity for annoyance, rage, anger, and out and out *wrath* at humanity that if I were to concentrate it and focus it in some way, I'm *sure* I could make peoples' heads explode, at up to transatlantic distances if necessary.

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