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List Type Appraisal

- Told Dan to fuck off for being an idiot in general, being an asshole, in general, telling me he thought I was a stupid person, taking advantage of my kindness in general, and winging a book at my head this morning.
- If you have nothing to offer me but a lame joke or a "smile!" when I'm having a legitimately bad time of things, don't bother commenting. That's a universal rule with me. Unless I'm actually conversing with you (and sometimes even when I *am* conversing with you) most attempts at "cheering me up" will fall flat and serve only to further piss me off.
- If you're just going to comment on a post where I am upset with something that makes you think you're funny, don't. Chances are, I won't find it funny, I won't find you funny, and I'll be annoyed that you ignored my feelings in favor of making a joke.

- Got a lil bit of a sunburn

- Realized I was really really tired *and* had a big lump on my head.
- decided *not* to take a nap

- Started a conspiracy theory thread in debate that is filling my inbox with a lot of crap about Zoroastrians.

- saw this on insanity.net's 'tagboard' thing: Employed >> When I can't smoke, I chew crack (TM)
- Fuck you, Mister "I have to disappear to you. I will have no contact with you at all."

- Recieved some really cool damned bowl things from my mom.

- My back really hurts

- I'm not feeling particularly forgiving or apologetic today. I'm in a *really* good mood. I dunno why. Something has just clicked around in my mindset. I'm hoping it lasts.
- I'm especially hoping my newfound mercenary view toward my own happiness lasts. If you aren't bringing good things to my life, you aren't worth my time.

- I'm not allowing comments on this post. I don't care what you guys have to say about this. Even those of you I really like.
- I may start disallowing comments more often.

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