A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

No one will get the reference in the cut tag. Because uhm.. I'm weird.


The graphic there reminds me of a Mad fold-in. But it's still impressive nonetheless.
In fact, I rather enjoyed *most* of the graphics on this site.
You know, I haven't read a Mad magazine since .. the early 90s? I would get all nostalgic here, but I'm pretty sure they're *horrible* these days.

I was glad to find out the other day that Patrick Farley from E-Sheep is putting up new graphic novel/stories. I stumbled across his site in '98 just as he was calling halt to anything new becuse of a massive family emergency. Truth be told, I'd forgotten about it until someone mentioned the "Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything" Story.
If you've never gone through the site before (and you've got decent bandwidth) I really reccomend it.
Especially The Jains Death and for you people out there who remember acid, you might enjoy his victorian psychedelia thing that's going on in Chrysalis Colossus
Apocomon is funny, and was *very* cool for its original release date, but again, he stopped drawing in 98 so .. it seems little dated to me now.

I dunno.. they're all good, really and they're all *very* different. I find him really impressive.

For the multimedia whores
It's just a viewer. ::nods::

This is a game
This is a game where you grow and maintain a collection of fish.
Then aliens try to eat them

But the thing is.. they're named different things:
ITCHY the Swordfish
STINKY the snail
NEKO the oyster
PREGO the Momma Fish
and last but certainly not least to me...
VERT the Skeleton

Why's it gotta be Vert, Hmmm?

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