A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm downloading meat beat manifesto. ::does a lil happy chair dance::
I'm in an incredibly good mood considering the complete *assy-ness* involved in giving Dan a litany of reasons (spanning back more than a year) why I don't want him around and then defending those reasons against his (expertly and manipulatively used) rebuttal points.
Most of which basically amounted to "I think you're wrong. Because, I think I'm right."
Which I might actually accept as a valid point if I hadn't been saying things like "I don't like it when you try to hold my hand, it's creepy"

There is something I should have learned by now (and I'm hoping this time it sunk in)... that guys who's first goal with me is hooking up will never be *just* my friend. The thing is.. the first conversation I had with him was a political argument in which I told him he was a complete idiot and he'd been spoon fed on CNN and had totally failed to do any of his own critical thinking.
(Although he insists that Mike and Andy dragged him to more than one of the parties me and Tom had. I don't remember him being there, but I didn't know most of the people there anyway.) And so after I told him he was an idiot, his immediate reaction was "oh, I *like* her." Guh. Yeah.. right... He's too convinced of his own raging intelligence for that.
It just strikes me as patently absurd that he would tell me that I'm smarter than to do this (tell him to go away) when just *yesterday* he was telling me that I was an *infant* when it came to intellectuality and that I was basically stupid.
I guess he figured I was so dumb I wouldn't remember him saying that. ::shrug::

At this moment, it's all laughable.

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