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I think the song Bastard Swordsman by Depth Charge may just be the coolest thing ever.

Most of the samples are kung fu movie noises.
the clashy swords. The strange "hoooah!" noises..the evil laugh...
Of course, I think everything in this playlist at the moment has the potential for "coolest thing ever" status.
Download, Depth Charge, Jack Dangers, Meat Beat, Damage Manual, "buddah rhubarb butter" by Soul Coughing, John Spencer Blues Explosion....
And ya know.. if I had a cable connection (or DSL) I would either have it all downloaded and burned by now (oh yes.. yes I would...) or I'd just listen to Karl's stream (HiBandwidth (cable/dsl), LoBandwidth (56K)) non stop, 24 hours a day. And none of you could stop me.
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