A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

This is the coolest damned thing I think I've seen done with a camera thus far.

The reason I found this is because I dragged out my father's ancient polaroid land 210 automatic and was trying to figure out what sort of film it uses because I really really really want to play with it, as well as the Holga (page chosen for the writing style, not necessarily its over bubbling usefulness).
It was mentioned in my presence that in addition to the land 210 my parents have a polaroid swinger around here somewhere too.
I vaguely remember playing with that when I was a kid.. I know I've seen it. Plus I know my father has a little movie camera around here. No, not a video camera... a MOVIE camera. ::nods::
I also found out today that in addition to being a photographer, my grandfather was a musician.
ONE family member I hear stories about that I actually want to meet really badly and he's been dead since before I was born.
Is it *odd* to feel a connection to someone you were never even close to meeting? He might as well have been some random stranger as be my grandfather for all the good it did. I dunno.. I suppose.. well, he *was* my mother's father.
And my mother is wonderful and bizarre. And is sure as HELL wasn't her mother who instilled that in her.
And I'm a lot like my mother... hehe.. sooo yeah.
Maybe there *is* a connection there.

I dunno.
It's not important, really.

I got a really nice moonstone ring and a nice semi-hammered silver band. ::Nods:: And I got to listen to the jewler tell this lady with TONS of turquiose and silver jewelry on that most of it was costume jewelry, they weren't real stones, and it certainly wasn't real silver. The "dripping in turquoise" old white ladies annoy the piss out of me for some reason.

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