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God O.D. part2..

I think probably the only person who reads my LJ who would appreciate this is akadashi, but that's good enough for me

I want to tell you a story of a man and his beloved.
And the man was very happy with his beloved.
And while he was there in the garden with his beloved he heard much noise, music, laughter, shouting , some of it very confusing on the outside of the garden.
And his beloved took him to one side of the garden and he looked out over the wall and he saw many people dancing, shouting and running about.
And he saw much sparkling light coming from them.
And he thought "how beautiful," and he asked who they were and the beloved said "they are new people to my city, they are very noisy and loud but very happy."
And then the beloved introduced him to these new elements, the young people.
And when they looked upon him they sparked and laughed.
And then he introduced them to the other people and they looked upon him with {dour} faces and {moved}.
And then they began to dance.
The dances were very strange and they turned and some of them as they began to turn began to lose sparkle that he could and he became very upset about this.
Becuase these people did not dance the same type of dance.
And then they turned towards the other and they became very unhappy with each other.
They began to push at each other and pull at each other.
They'd push each other out of the way so they could dance their dance.
The man, he asked, he turned to the beloved and said "stop them. Make them all dance the same dance."
The beloved only smiled sadly and looked upon him.
And then the man turns to the elders of the city and says "surely you and the aristocrats in office will not allow all this confusion and chaos. Stop them. Make them dance the same dance. Their sparkle is gone. All the sparkle is gone. See there, it's gone."
And the elders smiled and nodded, but did nothing.
And the man became very angry.
Very angry, indeed.
He became very bitter at the elders for doing nothing about this.
And he grabbed a hold of {the claws of the garden and the beloved} and pulled them all toward all of these people dancing and said,"come, go with me into the middle of all of these people and help me.
You must MAKE THEM dance the same dance. MAKE THEM dance the same dance. "

(the bits in brackets are the parts I don't really understand what he's saying and I just can't figure it out.)

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