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The joy of Zork

>examine chimney
The chimney leads downward, and looks climbable.

>go down
Only Santa Claus climbs down chimneys.

>climb up the chimney
The chimney doesn't lead upward.

>kick the chimney
Kicking the chimney isn't notably helpful.

>pull kitchen table
You can't move the kitchen table.

>kill kitchen table
What do you want to kill the kitchen table with?

(and then later when I freaking remembered some more of the movement commands...)

>talk to troll
The troll isn't much of a conversationalist.
The troll pauses for a moment, perhaps thinking that you should re-read the

>kill troll with sword
Clang! Crash! The troll parries.
The troll swings, you parry, but the force of his blow knocks your sword away.

>try to reason with the troll
I don't know the word "try".

There is no TRY.. only DO!

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