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Set it and Forget it!

So .. I decided to set up my printer.
Move out that enormous HP officejet thing and use this goofy, but tiny, lexmark instead.
Plus, it's a color printer.
No big deal, right? Just unplug the other one, plug this one in... good deal.

Nope. didn't work that way.
I found out that all of the computer components were plugged into 2 plug extention cords and then into another extention cord and then into the wall. So I found a power strip and fixed all that. Then I move out the other one... spend a long long time doing basic rearranging and plugging and so forth... Goto put the old printer out in the garage where I have to 1) find a spot and then 2) get it into that spot.
This printer is EASILY 45 -50lbs.
No, I'm not exaggerating.
The paper tray also likes to slide open when you move it and I'm manouvering through my tiny, overly stuffed house as it is.
Everything I touched in the garage fell on me... after another really long time with that, I finally got the fucking thing in place, finally piled the rest of the stuff back on top and washed my hands.

I turned the computer back on, realized I needed the driver floppy and discovered that it wasn't in the box.
So that's why I'm online... getting the drivers for this tiny, simple, printer project that has thus far taken almost 3 hours.

I didn't go into detail about this... but at one point I was standing in the garage, sweat dripping off my chin, arms straining trying to lift the printer and simultaneously push in the paper tray that kept popping open, screaming "DON'T FALL DON'T FALL DON'T FALL DON'T FALL!" at the top of my lungs and trying to push up a pile of PLY WOOD with my knee.

fucking hell.
I'm tired, my head hurts, my muscles hurt, I want a shower (another one) and I've decided that my father is actually the stupidest man on earth.

When I was a child I feared him as I could or would fear no other thing on the face of this earth.
And now, I know he's a fucking idiot. I look at him and I roll my eyes. I hear him talk, and I know it's just more pointless crap. I watch him get angry and I'm laughing inside because I know how pointless it is... how pointless he is. Some people think that as you get older, you come to appreciate how wise your parents are. I prefer to take the Oscar Wilde view:
"Children start by loving their parents; After a time, they judge them; Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them."

And yet, I'm still in a good mood. heh...

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