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Moby is a lil slice O Satan

I heard about 10 seconds of that "we are all made of stars" song and it's been stuck in my head for about 2 hours. I couldn't even remember who is was by at first. I kept thinking it was some one hit wonder 80s band song... or a car commercial.

I think that's the guage of how good a song is these days. How quickly it goes to commercials. I heard that fat boy slim song (pick one) on a commercial before I realized it was an actual song in release and not just something a studio musician came up with for the ad campaign. Fat Boy Slim makes incredibly catchy, formulaic music. Which explains why the songs are used in so many commercials. Different samples, same pattern of musical movement, every song. Of course, maybe I'm just thinking it's more than that one commercial with the chick doing the robot in the passenger seat of the car.... ostensibly to sell the car.
I think the only really good thing I can say about them is that they (or the director for their video) had the good sense to utilize Christopher Walken and his pyscho dancing skills.... but that's all the good I can say.
And that Andrew K idiot... There really isn't a lot to say about "him" (it never stops flipping its hair long enough to get a good look, but I'm *guessing* it's male). He's horrible. But his horrible hit single is already a horrible commercial for a horrible beer.
This is yet another reason I'm more than happy to not watch television.
It's bad enough hearing the songs you really enjoy playing behind someone schlocky person selling you a schlocky product. It's even worse when it's a song you really disliked in the first place.

I can't believe it's only 9 o'clock. This has been an incredibly long day. Because I've been incredibly bored.
I can't even muster enough annoyance to pointlessly kick the people who say incredibly stupid things in debate. Now *that* is some funky funky strong boredom right there.
I think it's mainly because I'm feeling rather... unsure of my wording today. Things have only been articulated after a struggle, and without my usual.. herm.. interesting turn of phrase? Without being imbued with my usual snarky sarcasm...

I'm still desperately seeking pictures of Tom Kenny. I don't think they exist. Which made sense when I thought he'd just done Mr. Show, Shakes the Clown and the voices of some of the non-main characters on the PowerPuff Girls (the narrator, the mayor) and some other things (I am weasel, I think.. don't remember). But since I found out that he's the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants too (and I wept when I heard. I loathe the spongebob) I figured there would be at least ONE fan page with pictures of him.
But nope. They just want him for his voice, not his body, I guess. ::shrug::
I've already said that he goes on my alluring man list .. when he's in Binky the Clown makeup.

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