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There is no such thing as coincidence.
No such thing. It's a concept born of fear and dismissal. It's the last refuge of the dangerously logical. It kills joy and strangles hope.

Chaos *is* order. Chaos negates the possibility of coincidence.
Things don't happen for a reason.
Things don't happen for no reason.
There is no point. There is no purpose. There is only is.

At the base of our tiny view of chaos are patterns.
The circle- the infinity. No beginning. No end.
All points are the bloom. All points are the decay.
There's no coincidence in the circle being an enduring and cohesive concept in a multitude of wildly divergent world religions and cultures. Our world is a cyclic one. Undeniable.
Nature has been considered the ultimate chaos. It is anything *BUT* chaos.
No wasted effort.
Do you really think that our lives, cyclic, intrinsically tied to the seasons, the tides, the pull of the moon, the benefits of the sun, the wax and wane of the simple day... do you really think that our lives would be bereft of the same on point and graceful modes?
There is no such thing as coincidence.

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