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So jonfmorse came by yesterday and we went to mt. trashmore because he called it a landfill.
I have a lot of very very fond memories of that place. Yes, it's a crappy little park. But it's a crappy little park that I know every foot of because it's been there whole my life. There is a huge list of things that happened in my life that happened at that park. Little things, mostly. But little things add up to bigger things.

We did a lot of random driving around because well, there isn't much to do here. All the neat picture places are surrounded by traffic and it was already 6:30 or so , so a lot of things were closing.
We ended up driving up and down the strip and then driving around for a good long time trying to find food (and I critiqued his in car music selection....Jon is stuck in the 80s). We ate stuff at the Village Inn where I'm pretty sure the waitress was drunk or smoking crack. Either way, she was sort of cranky... not *angry* .. but not exactly all sunshine and light.
And she openly mocked Jon ::nods::

Then it was back down to the beach. A lot of pictures, a lot of walking around. hit up the lil 'amusement park' that's down there (just for pictures.. no riding) and got pictures of the street musicians (there courtesy of the city of Va Beach, NO TIPPING), the painted buildings, and the guy in the pink bikini bottoms... the GIRLS bikini bottoms.
He was cute. A lil too skinny.
Then I came home and I guess Jon headed off to K mart to buy tin snips to snip off a piece of rubber that had been flapped down from the front end of his car most of the day.
It was just a *gorgeous* day to be outside. It was about 80 degrees, the humidity was really low... it ws just beautfiul. Today is really similar. At the moment it's only 77 degrees and really low humidity... and I plan on spending the day outside today as well. It's too beautiful to be inside. I'm going to be a gardening *fiend* today. ::Nods::

Most of my pictures are film, so I don't have a lot of evidence. But this is a selection of the ones I *do* have.

From the top of Mt. Trashmore. (Here's an exceedingly outdated link that will give you an idea what the hell I'm talking about. The skate ramps are long gone, in favor of a big playground that will built with volunteers and free lumber called Kid's Cove. The playground is really cool. But I still miss the skate ramps)

(You can see the kites from some of the kite flyers in this one.)

Down in the park area of Mt. Trashmore... My sweet, much beloved red and yellow spider. It's always been those colors. It's been there since the park opened. I can remember being too short to feel comfortable climing up on the thing and now I have to crouch to get face to face with it.

Nearby 'vegetatian'...

The lake-ish area...

TOTAL change of pace...
Down at the amusement park...

The most insidious evil to ever permeate american pop culture:

There were spongebobs EVERYWHERE.

The ubiquitous hurricane ride.

artsy lil shot of the rides and lights.

My view of the carnival upon entering...

I wish I'd taken more digitalshots. I was really pretty pleased with the way these came out. Taking pictures of lights at night is difficult in digital, though... well .. at least with my crappy lil digital.
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