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I'm exhausted and sunburnt

I repotted a hell of a lot of things today out on the patio and the dunes of miracle grow potting soil are a testament to my toiling and burning and sweating.

but my hair still looks presentable.
'cept for a lil ridge around the edges where the hat left its mark. Ah well, close enough to presentable anyway.
Not that I have to present it to anyone. Just an interesting (to me) observation.

the pansies, the portulaca, the verbena, the gerbera daisies, the silver leaf and the tomato plants (grape tomatoes from seed) all have homes. Now if I can just remember to water them at the right times and in the right doses... I think they'll be okay. ::Nods::

Ya know what I'm thinking?
I'm really hoping that Jessie is having a good time on her road trip. I was thinking about her today. It's rare that I really really *get along* with women. (which is weird considering how much men tend to fuck me over) I think that in the last couple years punkalicia is the only chick I've met who I genuinely connect/get along with/groove on. But with ascaechoriel I like.. just genuinely like her as a person. I wish her well. I have happy good thoughts about her. Without knowing her all that well or having ever met her... I just give a shit about her well being on a day to day basis.
It's sort of the way I think I should feel about my sister, but just don't because of how fucked up she is about our family. So she never lets that much comfort enter into it.

I dunno. it just feels weird *to me* to think about someone this way... herm...
I overthink things.

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