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so I'm a dork

Whenever I'm annoyed at people (as I am today) and bored (as I am today) I tend to get involved in weird lil projects.
This is how the edward gorey collage came out. This is how all those little silver wire hands came about. This is how I ended up with a paperclip curtain for my bathroom mirror.

Don't ask.

So, while on the phone with dlbags earlier, I found an *ancient* bag of pixie sticks. I have no idea when these things were purchased, but they're really really old. So I dumped out the sugar and kept the bright paper wrappers thinking I might do something with them. At the time, I wasn't exactly sure what.
But I now have a pixie stick paper mat and pictures.
I also finished my other little project and I'm gratified that it looks almost as good as the first one I made in '95.
I don't want to say what it is until I can provide photos.
it's worth it.
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