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This music is making me insane.
How can you listen to this, Dave?

I am trying to break your heart? NO, you're trying to BREAK MY SOUL WITH YOUR STONER DRONE. AND RANDOM TINKLING PIANO DISCHORDS.

Most of this is doctor's office music.

And dude.. I'm sorry .. what's with the random samples and noises in the backgrounds?
The static on radio cure.... the bizarre "strumming the piano strings" crap on the first track...
I'm sort of baffled as to why this very acoustic band has to add electronicy gambits to their songs. Is it to give it depth?
Whoever mixed it needs to be slapped and slapped hard if that was the point. It is *totally* distracting from the monotone 'sleepy singing' of the singer.... so uhm... maybe I like it.

His lyrics are sort of interesting here and there. But the monotone of the singer is really really grating.
Fucking.. GET SOME TONE. Quit the head singing, give me some diaphram for chrissake.

I guess I just officially have NO TASTE or whatever. Poor me.

But really ... I'm sitting here listening to this right now. I can see how some people would like it.. but why do YOU like it.
I'm curious. Because you're mr. opinonated when it comes to your music. Tell me why I'm wrong (without just saying that electronic music sucks because that's SUCH a cop out and you know it).
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