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the aphex twin remix of mindstream is really beautiful in this odd way
I didn't realize it was the song at first with that slowly gaining, ethereal, wailing/chanting.
I forgot that I'd been hearing the same beat over and over and was concentrating on what I thought was noise coming from outside of the headphones. I thought it was the tv behind me. And it was just .. drowning out the song. But that didn't seem right.
Why would the tv be so loud?
So I turned down the volume ... and realized it had been the song sneaking up on me.

thinking about it now, it's not all that magical. But in retrospect is not where magic lives.


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Jul. 17th, 2002 06:51 pm (UTC)
They had that scary video that MTV would only play after ten or something...

Hey I hope you're not still mad at me and stuff, sorry we locked horns, I still fancy you and stuff...hop on AIM and talk to me.
Jul. 17th, 2002 07:05 pm (UTC)
aphex twin is just one guy.
the scary video was windowlicker, I think.
Or it was off windowlicker.

Richad D. James is scary. So of course his videos are as well.

There are so many tiny little annoying points I could make about all those responses you left in that lil music thread. Lil corrections (like pointing out that mbm is anything but 'goth dance music' and they haven't been 'industrial' in about 10 years... heh... ) and just lil points .. but I don't think it's worth it.
Not because the conversation isn't worth it, but because I'm not so sure that I can even read it (I've only skimmed) without getting angry. But I think that's mostly just because I got the vibe that you were playing teacher to ignorant lil me and letting me know that the reason I didn't like what you like is becuase I either don't know enough or my perceptions are not as finely tuned.
It really pissed me off.

I'm not angry anymore.. and I don't think I'd be as harsh with my asessment. So it's alright. ::nods::

I'm not getting on aim. I haven't been the last couple days (well.. day and a half) and it's felt really good not being open and available for people to throw whatever they want at.

Not that you do that. In fact, you're one of the few people who will actually just.. back off if I ask you to. ::nods:: No, I mean just other people.
You take breaks from being online and breaks from lj and breaks from online people... I'm sure you understand.

No hard feelings, though.

Jul. 17th, 2002 07:13 pm (UTC)
I didn't mean to come across like that- I mean you know I have respect for you brains and stuff- and yes mbm isn't goth- those other bands are more then they, I probably was being too imflamatory.

Anyway I understand, I'm only online cause the Mets game on net radio.

Too bad we aren't an item or something, the make up sex after yesterday would be sweet!

Heh, I ruin everything don't I?
But you get my humor...right...ahem, yeah.

One day we'll look back and laugh...then look away real quick and umcomfortablely.
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