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list type appraisal

-I'm not happy with my vision.
-I feel really ugly today.
-There will be tears before the day is over. There already has been. There will be more.
-I'm sad, lonely, irrationally emotional, and I've got the most incredible chocolate jones ever. pms is with us my brothers and sisters.
-I have to focus really carefully to see text. Computer text or paper text. This isn't a good thing for the voracious reader. I guess I'm going to have to get the more expensive lenses.
-My sister makes me feel instantly irritated and dejected.
-I *really* really feel ugly today.
-I need a haircut
-I'm downloading music.
-I'm sitting really close to the screen
-there are multiplying snails on the patio in all sizes of maturity, including eggs. I think this is pretty damned cool.
-I need a hug.
-no comments on this one. If it's that important, send me mail.

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