A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
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Someone who won one of the auctions I got up gave his address as his name c/o Skywalker sound, Lucas Valley RD in Nicasio, CA.

It was an auction for these movie pins I have...the one he bid on was a group for The 6th Sense, Halloweeen 2O, and Summer of Sam.
I don't know why I find this so amusing.. but boy howdy do I.

I just saw the preview for Evolution. I'm such a dork. I actually want to see it. What happened to all of my righteous disdain for special effects extravaganzas with no substance and inane jokes? Apparently it went the same direction as my all out hate of anything that wasn't underground.
Does this mean I'm selling out? Growing up? Just becoming more well rounded? Or am I really just this bored?

There's a show on Mtv called "so five minutes ago"
It's nostalgia for things that JUST HAPPENED.
Is this what we're reduced to?
We're basing a whole show around how fast we can adopt and discard trends? We're really this into ourselves?
I thought the most disturbing phenomenon of recent years was the help book for everything trend. If you had a problem with anything... ANYTHING... there was a help book for it. Chronic fatigue syndrome, limp hair, a cheating spouse, narcolepsy, overspending, underspending, infected piercings, ingrown toenails, aids... self help books existed for anytthing you could think of.
And don't get me started on those "chicken soup" books.
Chicken soup for the mother's, brother's, sister's, father's, college student's, teenager's, grandmother's, grandfather's, retired person's, crackhead's, crank head's, stoner's, auto mechanic's, airplane pilot's, transgendered...
If you have a soul, they have a chicken soup for it.
And now we have a show about the nostalgia of being a trendy bitch.
I mean, there was a segment about those razor scooters.

What the FUCK is wrong with us?

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