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A wee homage.

To an incredibly sexay guy.

But he's still just too fucking cool to deny.

"There's a place down the street; Seven Xs. What does that mean? Maybe it's... girls without skin."

"The Moon ain't romantic. It's intimaditing as Hell"

"Won't you tell me, brave captain why are the wicked, so strong, how can the angels get to sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on."

....."Remember me...?" Slumped on a park bench, at the bottom of the social heap, the drunken derelict turns his eyes to the heavens as the first flakes of snow begin to fall. "Remember me? I ordered the blonde, the Firebird, the Alligator shoes... Somebody's made a terrible mistake."

"Matilda asks the sailors `are those dreams or are those prayers?'"

"I'd tell you all my secrets but I'll lie about my past"

Over the course of the last hour I've gone from a pretty damned good mood to pretty sure that I should stop trying to be in a good mood.
I can't see how feeling like this is worth it. But it is.. I think...

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