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If ever there was "WAKE UP NOWWWWWW" music, the damage manual is it.
I used to wake up to Strapping Young Lad. Which was effective, but effective in the same way that just setting an alarm is. While I really do like City, it's just not something I can listen to everyday. And to tell the truth, it's better when I'm pissed off.

I'm using win 98. (Horror of horrors, I know) It's an old program. So it amazes me that they're still releasing nearly weekly bug fixes for the *basic os*... not just explorer or windows media or anything like that. Granted that most of the updates that I've been getting lately have been media player. But it's just another example of MS letting marketting drive product release and not letting their very talented coders actually do their job they way they should.
But the truth is, I don't think that most of the people who use windows would notice a difference if they actually put out a good product.... so why bother?

"flicks an ash like a wild, loose comma"
City of Motors. It's just full of so many good good things. More Soul Coughing goodness. I should download all that again. I miss doughty screaming about the bear.

Dan called me the other day and tried to guilt me into feeling bad and talking to him again. I ended up screaming at him. Literally screaming. My throat hurt.
He threw a book at my head a few weeks ago and now somehow the way he sees it is, I owe him apolgies for a myriad of things, up to and including never giving him a chance that time he came over and wouldn't stop touching me while I was trying to watch Brazil.

Men aren't slime. They aren't pigs and they aren't dogs. They're just not worth my time at the moment.
I'm not hopeful enough at the moment to enter into the delusion of dating.
Maybe later.
I'm feeling full of adoration for certain of my friends. I'm feeling very taken care of by a few of you.
I know some incredibly good people. ::nods::

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