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I was watching the video portion of Closure (two tapes, one is concert and backstage footage... a lil "documentary" and the other is the music videos) and it was driven home once again just how... flouncy... Trent Reznor is.
First of all.. the bondage obsession, except for Down In It I think it's in every single video to some extent. Bondage and S&M and pain and leather and pvc and dildoes.
He's just so all about it. That's not really a revelation, of course.. but watching them all together really struck me.
Second, could he be a lil more "tortured singer dude"? the flailing and the whiney "ooooh" after the live songs... put aside that the lyrics read (and always have read) like a 15 year old's 'poetry book'. I don't think he's ever pretended to be a wonderful writer and anyone who thinks he is ... well... I'd question their taste. But it's still just... sad... to watch this 30 some year old guy while and grovel and shake and ... have a hissy fit... the way he does.
I thought it was sad when Jon Davis did it on the first Korn album.. but it's Korn, fer chrissakes. All day they dream about sex and apparently, they're just hunkey dorey being known for that. ::shrug::

Third, there is a 'video' thingy (hard to explain) for March of the Pigs. Trent smacks down 3 microphones, falls all over the place, and rubs his crotch a lot. I mean just blatantly rubs his crotch. Over and over. In his burgundy leather pants, baggy fishnet shirt and vest... he just rubs his crotch... I uh ...

it was disturbing, really.

And to think, I used to think he was pretty cool.
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