A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

- Mail from Chad. There were tears.
- Talk with Karl about the mail from Chad.
- Freak out at Karl. There was much gnashing of teeth
- "Calm down you total dork" from Karl. There was a lot of nodding and eventually laughing.
- Dinner
- Zim
- Boredom
- Coffee
- Boredom
- I apparently deleted something vital from Audio Catalyst and the kick ass file converter Dave gave me awhile back takes upwards of 20 minutes per track for ripping. That just sucks. the file converter does not convert from .wma files either. That sucks too. But I'm sure I've got something on this dilapidated machine that will work.
- I've got Pink conditioning moisturizer. It smells like bubble gum.
- jsjones02 has one of the lamest bios I've seen all week. And his journal is somehow even *more* inane.
- that was mean of me.
- He's still a dumb guy with really bad taste in music. Really bad. REALLY BAD TASTE.
- coffee
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