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8 pictures.

I walked around the patiogarden real quick. took some shots. These are random, unplanned, uncropped, unedited except for a resize. No viewfinder, no view screen. My crappy digital.

I don't have a lomo, but I can act as if I do.

The swirls of half and half in my very cool coffee this morning

My Cherry tomatoes

Super close up of the corn plant that has begun to grow in and amoungst the iris in the front bed.


Gerberas are my favorite non-wild flower, I think....

Salvia blooms.

Really nice sunset

If it were darker it would look a lil like that sky in Poltergiest. ::nods::


Jul. 28th, 2002 01:12 am (UTC)
Re: allow me...
and that's got to be the oddest artistic choice I've seen all year. But then, I'm no art-teest.

I'm no "art-teest" either and I've never claimed to be.
But you've got to be fucking joking if you're telling me that you know your shit (even vaguely) about photography and don't understand a purposefully unfocused shot.

As for the rest, I'll say this: You posted on a public journal and the fact that you didn't expect this does surprise me. Put out the art, enable the comments, that usually means--- hey, comment. Of course, when someone up and actually does.....

I've no problem with comments.
It was your "since you keep putting up these things (my emphasis)I guess you want criticism" comment. I don't know why *you* write or post, but I'd say only 1/4 of my posts have anything to do with whoever happens to be seeing them. I take pictures because I enjoy it. Sometimes, I put those pictures up for public consumption.
I'm a member of several photography communities. If I want criticism, that's where I put the photos. But most of the time if I'm putting them up somewhere, it's for *me*.

It wasn't even that you had anything critical to say, truth be told. I enjoy constructive criticism where it's warranted. On the other hand, I find it hard to take criticism when it's begun with a statement toned with such arrogance. I don't know if you actually set out to do it or if it's somehow a twist of the textual medium, but you come off as quite the elitist, even in the presumption that I wanted someone to critique what I've put here.
Is every post of yours a field day on your grammar, spelling and sentence structure?

Also, a lot of the things you had to say were just way off base from a design/visual media perspective.
::shrug:: Basic "pleasing to the eye" aesthetics... intrinsically human ones.

By the way, the reason I said at the top of the post that these were in lomo style is that that's important in understanding where I'm coming from here. These are all taken without a viewfinder, spur of the moment, unedited, usually at arms length. If I'd actually been using film and my professional camera I'd be a lot more open to the points of your critique. As it is, you're telling me my goofy snapshotty pictures aren't what you dig. Horror of horrors.
I run around with my digital taking shots of what catches my fancy as a means of figuring out what works and what doesn't.

And for fun. *Fun*...

Jul. 28th, 2002 09:57 am (UTC)
Re: allow me...
It was your "since you keep putting up these things (my emphasis)

My bad. Didn't mean to be insulting. Two sentences and I come off arrogant? Are you sure that isn't my rep. talking?

Ahh well, whatever. It's over.

But my opinions maintain.
Jul. 28th, 2002 11:10 am (UTC)
Re: allow me...
It's a history, dude.. not just from two sentence.
Though, those two sentences in particular were pretty arrogant.


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