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I feel like total hell today. Just physically all jacked up. Mentally too apparently. I'm getting interested in a Keanu Reeves movie. Yes, I feel appropriately disgusted at myself. However, it's got Morgan Freeman too.... so that makes it better, right?
My shoulders and head really hurt. Part sinus... part general ick. Part.. *interesting* dreams that left me with cramped muscles and clenched teeth for too long.

It is *really* nasty outside.
It's 95 degrees... which isn't *too* bad, but the humidity is such that the head index is at 103.
8 degreees being added through humidity is some nasty nasty shit. Walking outside feels like walking into a chunk of wet, hot, cotton.
There isn't going to be any rain, so the humidity isn't going to be cut at all... and tomorrow the temperature is going to be higher, around 99.
We've had heat advisories for a few weeks now. Asthmatics and the eldertly shouldn't be outside, no one should be out in the heat at all without drinking a gallon of water every half hour...
Of course, If I were in northern VA (where Karl is) the temp is 95 degrees and the heat index is at **109**

And I'm supposed to move to dc, huh?

But of course that whole global warming thing is just a myth created by wacko environmental groups with grudges against corporate america.

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