A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

watered the plants, found a woolly bear.
Does anyone else know what woolly bears are? They're really common. This one was very very tiny. And truth be told.. it's not a *real* woolly bear, but it's in the same family. I remember a few infrequent trips to Munden Point park (big park in southern VA.. just on the border to NC) we went through a lot of woods. Usually, there were woolly bears all over the place and we'd flip out about our dad driving over them... but there was really no way to avoid it. We'd usually bring a few home, be thrilled with them for a day and then put them outside and be flummoxed when we couldn't find them again.

Anyway... I just found a woolly bear, or what I'm calling one. I nearly drowned it by accident. So I picked it up and moved it to the pot of gerberas where it curled up around the base of a flower and just.. hung out.

The "real" woolly bear is a tiger moth and has that brown band on it...

I'm trying to figure out exactly what sort of caterpillar this is.. what it turns into... but I'm not having much luck. I used to have a really good insect field guide, but I think my brother took it.

The bristled caterpillars remind me of that book I gave Karl with the goofy, cheesy, but still kind of sweet story about the caterpillars and hope.

EDIT: actually, from what I can tell.. this *is* a woolly bear and it's just young. It hasn't molted yet (it will do that 5 or 6 times) so it hasn't developed its full color, though the middle three segments near the base of it have a vague peachy brown tint...

Why this makes me happy, I've no idea.

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