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From zee list

"Aristotle would argue that the
"good" of a human being is exercising rationality, so in that context there
would be no neutrality. Either you're being rational (good) or you're being
irrational (evil)."

SO I am inherently evil.

Not super happy at the moment. I'm thinking of hardcore seriously just giving up on people and I don't like that prospect.
I'm very disjointed today. And not really in a good way.
I'm not horribly chipper or upbeat.
I'm super happy for Mr. Lovah lovah.
But yeah... that's about it.


May. 21st, 2001 04:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Fuck Aristotle!
You are geek enough.
Not too geek, not too little geek.
you are the baby bear geek.

I'm evil I tell ya. Really.
It's just subtle. Very subtle. That's how I insinuate myself into your head and then rip it to shreds from the inside, undermining your confidence and making you really dig the backstreet boys.

I'm not a fat male psyho... but having a coat made from the skin of your thighs sounds kinda interesting.
Is it soft skin? Is it pliable? Do you think it would take purple dye very well?

What's alluring about that pic? Someone explain this to me.
I always liked the eyes... but yeah... it's hair, part of a neck, and part of my mouth.. that's all.
And it's funky colors.
I mean .. *I* like it.. but I don't see why it's alluring.
May. 21st, 2001 05:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Fuck Aristotle!
It's taunts me with an orange version of you. Making me desire to see a non-orange picture of you even more than before in the pre-orange days. It also makes you have to imagine the other parts of your face leaving much more control in the eye of the beholder. In my mind currently you look like a shaven chewbacca in some kind of negative universe made from the color orange where you dance around on an island of brie floating in a sea of champagne. So anyway enough of my chewbacca fantasies.

I am not sure how well my skin would take to purple die but yes it is very nice skin. It is soft and fairly pliable(I have yet to not be able to talk it into something).

Oh and you could never make me like the backstreet boys I have always been partial to menudo despite the current uncoolness of mexican pop music.


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